Institutional Research

Institutional Research

Research conducted for CSUN

Client: CSUN'S Office of Institutional Research

Deliverables: Logo, Reports, Data Visualization, Presentation Template, Website Upkeep and Website Graphics

Role: Lead Designer, Website Editor

The office of Institutional Research is CSUN's internal research office that gathers information on students and faculty for educational purposes and to make CSUN better.

The Challenge: The head of IR wanted the data visualization of the reports to be interesting and fun for faculty and researchers to read and understand.

The Solution: Use CSUN's expanded color palette and use fun and upbeat illustrations to draw the reader in and teach them a thing or two.


Icons are half linear and half filled. When possible, corners are rounded to make the visuals feel unintimidating.

Unless specifically representing different genders, Research People should be appear to have no specific gender.

Data visualization does not always have to include CSUN red, as long as at least one of the first graphs contains red. A filled icon that represents the data should be placed on the largest part of the pie chart. Bars on all charts should have rounded corners on top and be in rainbow color order whenever possible.

Making research educational and understandable.